cute boys that watch anime are my type

cute boys that are anime are my type

person: how can you be attracted to anime characters?




me: i don't understand your question


An epic battle between President Obama, Vladimir Putin and Tommy Wiseau for Satsuki Kyruin’s affection


What the actual fuck




Communism looks sooo good right now

Anonymous said: Doggystyle or 69?




*falls for blatantly obvious strawman post made by blatantly obvious anti-sj blog* haha, I’m a smart genius, time to yell at trans teens on the internet

baby: d-d-d-d

dad: daddy? are you trying to say daddy?

baby: d-d-don't you think this meme format is more than a little played out. I am tired of the way that tumblr does not seem to know when to leave well enough alone when it comes to humor online. The more and more I've had to see posts like this the less and less funny they become. And it does not just go for this "baby saying it's first word" post format. I honestly came out to have a good time, spiders georg, and the mere concept of skeletons have all recently been subject to tumblr's strange obsession with rapid desensitization to a meme. The law of diminishing returns practically states that with every new variation on a meme, every time you add something to the already successful formula, it will be less successful, maybe not in note amount, but in post quality. And if we are living in a world where you value your note count more than you value the service you are providing to other bloggers with your insight or jokes, then you are practically a capitalist and is that really what you want? Tumblr, are you really in support of meme capitalism or can we, as a website, try to come together and create something more, something bigger? We can usher in a meme utopia. It is within our grasp. Thank you.